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Powleys are now able to offer a selection of fixed fees in respect of landlord and tenant work. We understand that your property is your investment. We work with larger, commercial landlords as well as smaller or first time landlords. Whatever the size of your property portfolio, we will work with you to best understand your needs.

In our experience, landlords prefer the security of fixing legal fees in advance and it is with this in mind that we have arranged our packages below. Our expertise in this area has meant that we are able to streamline the process and fix our prices at the most competitive rate. We are sure you will agree that they are comparable with any national or local landlord's agent.

Whichever package you choose, your matter will be handled at all times by qualified and experienced solicitors and, where possible, assigned to a single case handler.

Unlike most national firms, we do not use unqualified professionals such as clerks or paralegals so you can rest assured you will get the full benefit of our expertise.

Standard Residential Tenancy Agreement:

It is crucial that a sound and thorough tenancy agreement establishes the terms upon which you agree to let your property and sets up an assured short hold fixed term tenancy. We will discuss with you some standard terms including the provisions for taking a deposit, use and condition of the property, and terms dealing with the end of the tenancy.

Our draft agreement draws on years of experience dealing with problems that can arise between landlord and tenant which can often be avoided with careful drafting of terms that go beyond most of the standard agreements found commonly on the market.  - £115 plus VAT

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC):

From 1st October 2008, all homes being let will require an EPC which we can arrange for you. The certificate provides 'A' to 'G' ratings for the building, with 'A' being the most energy efficient and 'G' being the least.

Notices of Possession (Notice to Quit):

Section 21 Notice allows you to give your tenant two months notice to vacate, without needing to specify a reason. Please note that this notice cannot bring the tenancy to an end sooner than the end of the fixed term. Section 8 Notice allows you to shorten the standard notice period from two months to two weeks where there has been a breach of a relevant term of the Tenancy Agreement (such as non-payment of rent). This notice can be used to bring the tenancy to an end sooner than the fixed term where there is a relvant breach of the Tenancy Agreement.

We will draft and serve the appropriate notice of possession requiring your tenant to vacate the property. This will be accompanied by a solicitor's letter informing the tenant that they have until the required date to vacate. Most tenants will realise you are serious at this point and will vacate accordingly. In the event that the tenant still refuses to leave, this notice will form the basis of legal proceedings and it is therefore important that it has been drafted and served correctly.

We can advise as to the most appropriate notice to give and, in some cases, whether it's best to give both notices. We will then ensure that the notice is drafted and served correctly. This is a very technical area of law and failure to draft the notice correctly can render it invalid and cause delays later in the proceedings. This can be avoided with our help.  - £55 for each notice plus VAT or both notices for£85 for each notice plus VAT or both notices for £115 plus VAT

Court Proceedings:

Accelerated Procedure - No Rental Arrears to be Recovered:

Once an appropriate notice has been served, if the tenant is still refusing to leave, the accelerated procedure is the quickest way to obtain possession of your property. We will draft the necessary claim form and arrange for court proceedings to be issued. It is normally then possible to obtain a possession order without the need for a court hearing. However, this procedure can only be used to obtain possession and cannot deal with the payment of any rental arrears. If a judgment is also required to order the tenant to pay any rental arrears this should be claimed separately or recovered as part of the 'dual order' procedure. - £395 plus VAT Plus Court Fee of £355

This figure is based upon the matter being dealt with without a hearing. If a hearing is required the following additional fees will apply per hearing:
£300 plus VAT (Great Yarmouth)
£450 plus VAT (Norwich)
£600 plus VAT (Ipswich)

Court Proceedings to Recover Possession and Rental Arrears (Dual Order):

Once an appropriate notice has been served, if the tenant is still refusing to leave, we will draft the claim form and arrange for court proceedings to be issued. We will then draft a witness statement on your behalf to support the claim and ensure you have the best possible chance of obtaining the required order at the first hearing.

A court hearing date will then be set by the court when we will attend to represent you before a District Judge. As your evidence will be before the Judge in the form of a statement there may be no need for you to attend the hearing, saving you valuable time, stress and money. We will obtain a possession order on your behalf and a judgment ordering the tenant to pay any rental arrears. - £845 plus VAT Plus Court Fee of £355.00
This fee is based upon there being a single Court hearing taking place in Great Yarmouth County Court. In the event that your matter is listed for hearing in Ipswich or Norwich we would need to charge an additional fee in respect of travel to attend the Court Hearing as follows:
£300 plus VAT (Norwich)
£450 plus VAT (Ipswich)

If any additional hearings are required the following fees will apply per hearing:
£300 plus VAT (Great Yarmouth)
£450 plus VAT (Norwich)
£600 plus VAT (Ipswich)

In the event that our packages are not suitable for your requirements we will be happy to negotiate a tailored service based on our hourly rates.

We are also able to assist you with matters relating to repair, dilapidations, nuisance, boundary disputes and money judgments against guarantors.


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